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Roof FAQ




When should I send my roof core exchange back to you?

Do not send your core back for refund until new roof has been been properly installed and road tested.



 I have an extra roof, can I send that in and get reimbursed another core charge?

No, we traditionally pay much lower for roof cores if we buy them outright.  We must set the core charge higher to motivate our customers to send them back to us, otherwise they never do, and we run out of roofs to rebuild.


How do I return my product?

All returns must be made within 90 days of receipt. All returns must have a Returned Goods Authorization number (RGA#) obtained by calling the returns department at (815) 758-2783. A $5.00 administrative fee will be charged on any item that is returned without an RGA#. Items must be returned immediately after issuance of RGA#.


I just received my item and it was damaged in shipping

All items must be inspected within 5 days of shipment arrival. If an order is damaged, call Melrose immediately reporting the damage. All original boxes and packing material must be saved for inspection by UPS or FED/EX. Do not return the parts directly to us, as our shipping department cannnot accept unauthorized returns. Please call our customer service line at (815) 758-2783 and we will assist you with the return.


How do you recommend I clean my new transparent roof? 

Treat your roof as you would the rest of your car and it should last you a lifetime!

    • Windex or other standard ammonia based glass cleaners and a soft cloth work fine for normal cleaning. We do not recommend paper towels. For protection you may apply standard paste/liquid car wax. Avoid cleaner wax since it will most likely contain abrasives that may damage the hard coating of the lens.
    • The lens on your new roof is made from SAR (Super Abrasion Resistant) hard coated acrylic. Which, in other words, is plastic. Since plastics can be affected by heat we ask you try and keep your roof as cool as possible to maximize it’s life expectancy. On hot sunny days try to park under shade and keep your windows slightly opened to allow hot air to ventilate from the interior. 
    • Warning!  When replacing the front upper windshield weatherstrip proper care must be taken to adjust the roof accordingly. Be sure to use OEM or quality American made rubber. Inferior weatherstrips are too firm and may cause the front edges of your roof to warp when your roof is tightened. 


Can I install my new transparent roof myself?

We strongly recommend all T-Tops and targa tops be installed by a trained professionals, however many customers perform the install themselves. Technical support is available Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM CST at (815) 758-2783 for installation help.


I am having trouble adjusting my C4 roof and getting it to fit properly

First let's check the hardware on your new roof to make sure it is correct for the vehicle year to which it is being installed. There are three designs which include; first design 1984-1986early, second design 1986late-1988, and third design 1989-1996. GO HERE for dimensions and diagrams. Once you have confirmed correct roof design lay the roof upside down on a soft blanket to eliminate risk of scratching lens and verify that the front and rear hardware is loose enough to wiggle around. Front plates should move freely side to side, and for and aft. Take roof and set onto vehicle. Start the center rear bolts- bolts may be difficult to start if vehicle has new weatherstripping. If center bolts fail to grab have someone push down and rearward on roof to help compress gasket and move roof backwards into receiver. Tighten center bolts all the way then tighten the two bolts on either side of both rear locators. Rear of roof is now down and we can move to front adjustment. insert roof installation ratchet through windshield frame as if you were normally installing your roof and push upward lifting attaching bolt. If bolt does not line up with receiver hole insert tool in between roof and windhsield frame (should have enough play to do this even though rear is tight) and move front hardware until bolt lines up with hole. Push down on front of roof to get bolts started and tighten. Follow instructions included on box from here to finish up. *note- leave roof on vehicle for a week or two before removing again. This will allow the weatherstripping on your car and the new weatherstripping on your roof to seat and conform. If more assistance is needed please call tech. support at 815-758-2783.