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Headers FAQ




Do I need to have my car tuned after I install headers?

It is recommended that you have your car tuned after installing any performance related add on.



What purpose does the ceramic coating serve?

Ceramic header coatings serve a multitude or purposes- Most importantly it is protection for the header and the car. On average, ceramic coated headers operate 30% cooler than uncoated headers. Hot Rod Magazine said this about ceramic coated headers "...ambient temperatures with a heat gun in the vicinity of the headers did show a 200-degree-F temperature drop near the pipes at the pipe surface. Although the dyno numbers don't reflect this drop, in a tight engine compartment, a reduction in exhaust-radiated heat could translate into a big power gain: On a normally aspirated engine, every 10-degree-F inlet temperature decrease increases engine power by about 1 percent. Even if the air were only 50 degrees cooler by the time it got into the inlet tract, that's a five percent improvement."



How many O2 sensors does my car have?

Corvette Oxygen Sensors 85-present

  L83 85-90 L98 Has one sensor in left bank upstream
  91 L98 92-93 LT1

2 total- one upstream sensor left bankandone

  ZR1 2 total (same as above) but both are heated
  94-95 LT1 3 total- 2 upstream,heated,leaft and right bank, one downstream right bank
  96 LT1, LT4, LS1 4 total- all heated 2 upstream right and left, 2 downstream right and left




Will installing headers help my performance? 
Most definitely! Customers that install our header, x-pipe, and hi-flow cat system see exceptional average gains of 37-38 HP and an avg. of 35 ft. lbs. of torque   dyno2.jpg




Are your headers stainless steel or mild steel?

Our headers are constructed of aluminized low carbon steel, or in general terms, mild steel. The more carbon a metal contains, the more susceptible it becomes to fatigue and cracking. In summary, stainless has a very high expansion rate as opposed to carbon steel, which gives way to premature fatigue on the metal and the welds due to the constant growing and shrinking of the metal. Stainless also radiates a lot of heat in comparison to ceramic coated mild steel. Heat sensitive components like spark plugs and wires, electrical parts, water pumps, and many other critical engine components can fail due to premature wear and fatigue from prolonged heat exposure.




What is A.I.R?

exhaust2.jpg   Trademarked by the name Air Injection Reactor (A.I.R) is a vehicle emmissions control strategy introduced in 1966, wherein fresh air is injected into the exhaust system to allow a more cleaner burn of unused or partially burned fuel that would normally be emmitted from the tailpipe.




I have heard I shouldn't dyno my C-6 directly after header install?

This is true. When the battery is disconnected the vehicle loses it's memory. The car should be driven at least 88 miles with 15 starts and stops. If the battery was not disconnected during install, disconnect it before this process. This will clear the fuel trims and allow th ecar to learn faster.




My friend installed a pair of headers on his car and they hang down quite lower than undercarriage of the car. This caused the headers to drag and scrape on the ground under normal driving conditions. Will your Smooth Flow headers do this?

No they will not. In fact some of our most devoted customers are racers with very low ride heights. Ground clearance is always a main concern during design.




If headers are so efficient why aren’t they installed at the factory?


Auto manufactures install exhaust manifolds because they are cheap to produce, take up little space and have a higher margin for error in manufacturing. All of this comes at the expense of performance with poor flow characteristics, heavy weight and unbalanced exhaust pressures. Headers require more precision and craftsmanship in manufacturing but they are rewarded with smooth tuned and balanced exhaust flow allowing air to travel through engines more efficiently with the less restrictive backpressure. With Headers, each exhaust port has an individual primary tube that merges into a common collector. The balanced integration of dissimilar firing exhaust pulses generates a “scavenging” effect that increases exhaust flow and balances back pressure in the cylinder heads allowing the engine to make more power.

Installing exhaust headers is an essential step to achieving the potential out of any high performance engine. If you are building up your motor, headers should be at the top of your list. Headers are the most cost effective upgrade in performance that you can make and will enhance most other engine upgrades as well.




Will the Jet-Hot coating stand up to racing conditions?

jet-hot.jpg   Jet-Hot claims their sterling coating we have our headers coated with will withstand temps up to 1300 degrees. To put that into perspective most aluminum alloy pistons melt at approximately 1,100° Fahrenheit.




Can I keep my factory rear exhaust if I install your header, x-pipe, and cats?

Yes, all our systems are designed to bolt up to the factory muffler section.



Can I install your system myself or should I have a shop do it?

It really depends on your individual ability. If you are capable of performing normal routine maintenance on your car i.e. plugs, wires, alternator, and have a basic set of US and Metric tools you will have no problem installing it yourself. You will need to get the car up in the air high enough especially if you are changing the mufflers. Our systems come with a complete set of instructions and all the necessary clamps and bolts so trips to the parts store will be unnecessary. However, it will probably take the better part of a day to remove and replace the exhaust if you have never done one before. If you prefer to let a shop do the install just call us and we will find an installer in your area. Please refer to our online installation instructions for a better understanding.