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C6 Corvette Header Installation



 *Check to make sure all parts are present before beginning install (see packing list below).


  1. Lower windows to eliminate the possibility of becoming locked out while battery is disconnected.
  2. Disconnect Battery.
  3. Remove cosmetic plastic engine covers, spark plugs, plug wires, and oil dipstick.
  4. Raise the car and support with jack stands.  A lift is helpful if one is available.
  5. Refer to Corvette shop manual and proceed with removal of the factory exhaust up to rear tail section. When you get to the rear you will have to cut the tack welds on the rear pipes that come over the axles.  Be sure to retain the factory manifold gaskets for installation of new exhaust.
  6. Install extension wires to the factory harness and route them so there will be no clearance problems.
  7. Locate the factory exhaust manifold gaskets.  Install the headers using the factory gaskets and furnished metric allen head bolts.  Install and snug up 02 sensors before tightening headers (You should not have to lift the engine or remove any steering parts to install the headers, and both should go on through the bottom side of the car.)
  8. Install x-pipe into rear tailpipes and support if needed.
  9. Insert hi-flow catalytics with 02 sensors threaded in place into front of x-pipe and loosely install the two enclosed step clamps.  
  10. Raise the front of the catalytic / x-pipe assemblies to butt up to the header collectors and loosely install the enclosed strap clamps.
  11. Once everything is double-checked you may start tightening up the system.  Start tightening at the front while making sure the clamps are equally spaced on both parts and that the cats stay butted up to headers. (to help center the clamps mark the pipes 1 ¾”outward from the joint with tape or marker, center clamps between marks while tightening)
  12. Being sure O/2 sensors are connected, finish by working to the rear, tightening as you go. Torque the clamps to 55-60 ft lbs.
  13. Hook up battery, plugs, and plug wires to factory specs (We recommend using a high temp plug wire with fiberglass outer sheath.  We have these available upon request), and any other parts loosened or removed during install process. Test drive car, re-torque the clamps, and make sure there are no wires close or touching the exhaust.  


Packing List of parts:

  • 1 pr Headers
  • 2 Random Catalytic converters
  • 1 X-pipe, 1 package of header bolts
  • 4 o2 wire extensions (2 for front with trapezoidal ends, and 2 for the rear with square ends)
  • 2 stainless strap clamps
  • 2 stainless step clamps