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Dealer App


To apply for authorized dealer program please complete the following steps-

  1. Follow this link to the IL Department of Revenue tax form, and fill in the required information - For step one "Identify the Seller" you may enter Melrose T-Top Int., PO Box 546, 100 W Ellwalk, Cortland, IL 60112 
  2. Provide Federal Tax ID#
  3. Provide proof of actual Corvette / Automotive industry related business via business card, website,  or letterhead
  4. The above may be e-mailed to orders@melroset-tops.com  or faxed to 815-756-2796


Dealer Requirements-

  • $250 Minimum buy in
  • Dealers must be able to provide a certain amount of technical support and have basic knowledge of the Corvette / Performance car Industry
  • Install shops -Must be qualified to properly install the products purchased through Melrose T-Tops
  • Dealers must maintain a minimum order balance of $250 / year
  • We will not export our product list for anyone.  We understand that it will help you sell our product on a faster timeline, but it is a safeguard to protect our current customers.  We are not in the business of "setting up shop" overnight for new companies.