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C4 Roofs- Why you should buy Melrose

For starters Melrose T-Top Int. has been a licensed manufacturer under General Motors for over 30 years.  This gives us rights to use the OEM tooling, but more importantly it means we must adhere to the strict quality controls set forth by General Motors.  Our roofs are also DOT approved which means these roofs have met or exceeded the Federal Department of Transportation's safety standards.  

All that aside- what are the actual physical differences that makes a Melrose replacement roof better?  

Frame- The frame is the black aluminum inner structure on which the lens is adhered to.  This framework serves as a integral part of the Corvette Chassis (which is why it bolts in), and as a strong stable foundation to bond the lens to.    Melrose uses new OE (original equipment) frames and reconditioned OE frames that we take in on exchange basis.  Beware of anything with a plastic frame.  These flex like mad as the vehicle conforms to the road surface.  This constant flexing will either prematurely delaminate the lens from the frame or crack the lens.

Lense-   Melrose T-Top uses DOT approved and OEM specified cast acrylic with optional abrasion resistant hard coating. This hard coating protects the lens from, hazing, scratches, mineral spots, bird droppings, acid rain, and other elements.  We even ensure the original Corvette blue and bronze tints are exactly matched to what came on your car.  

Going cheap on the lens is the easiest way for other companies to cut costs, they will often use extruded plastic instead of the original equipment specified cast acrylic. Un-coated plastic is also on average half the price of coated material (which is why gas stations can sell cheap sunglasses for $19). These savings for the manufacturer come at a huge price to you, the end user.  Extruded acrylic is a substandard material choice for an automotive application due to its inability to maintain its integrity under flex, stress, and UV exposed conditions.     

Edge Trim Surround- All 84-96 Corvette roofs came with a protective steel edge trim surround that was painted black.  This edge trim not only protected the roof when off the car it also prevented warps and cracks along the front edge by dissipating clamp down forces when bolted down.

Weatherstripping-  Melrose T-Top includes new roof side gaskets (excluding relenses) on all new and exchange roofs.  Other companies charge anywhere from $80-$120 for these.

Adhesion-  The roof frame to lens bond is never truly considered a deciding factor by consumers shopping for a replacement Corvette roof, but it should be.  Many roofs come to our facility that are delaminating, or in more simpler terms, they're falling apart.

Melrose is so confident in their bonding process they offer a lifetime adhesion warranty.