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C4 1992-96 Corvette LT1/LT4 Header Installation



Before you intstall your header system there are things you need to prepare for the installation (below). 


  1. Raise vehicle and support securely
  2. Disconnect battery
  3. Remove ASR module for clearance
  4. Remove spark plug wires, spark plugs, and wire holders bolted to cylinder head.
  5. Disconnect A.I.R. pipes and move out of way
  6. Disconnect o2 sensor connections
  7. Unbolt catalytic converter from exhaust manifolds
  8. Remove catalytic converter bracket to bell housing bolts.  Reinstall these bolts after removing the entire exhaust system, as new converters will not use these brackets.  (15mm size and clearance is tight so be patient)
  9. Unbolt 4 exhaust hangers and remove entire exhaust system with the assistance of another person, sliding mufflers out of their supports.
  10. Remove starter
  11. Remove exhaust manifold bolts.  The front bolt on the driver side may be difficult to remove on some C-4 Corvettes without the correct tools.
  12. Remove dipstick tube on passenger side
  13. Remove exhaust manifolds  



  1. Install o2 sensors hand tight into headers. Install headers with gaskets, Fel-Pro #1406 recommended. Tighten header bolts to 30 ft lbs.
  2. Tighten o2 sensors
  3. Install starter
  4. Install dipstick tube
  5. Install exhaust system
  6. Install plug, wires, and supports
  7. Connect A.I.R. pipes
  8. Install ASR module
  9. If vehicle is equipped with rear oxygen sensors, install o2 simulators and secure with zip ties
  10. Connect battery
  11. Start engine and check for exhaust leaks  


*Random exhaust system will bolt up to stock muffler section, Corsa, Magnaflow, and B&B 2.5” systems.  Custom rear section must be made if a full 3” system is desired.


For tech support call
Melrose @ 815-758-2783